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EV 635 N/D-B

Tips Vokāla
Kārtridžs Dinamiskais
Skaņas uztveršana Omni
Jutība mV/Pascal 2,8
Frekvenču diapazons (Hz) 80 - 13 000
Svars (g) 170
Pielietojums LIVE-interview

Vairāk info sadaļā Lejupielāde

"Klasisks" dinamiskais interviju mikrofons, izkliedētā uztvere, Neodimium elements

The 635N/D-B has the same “hammer-like” toughness and classic performance and reputation as the 635A with the added benefit of increased output from its neodymium magnet structure.

Omnidirectional dynamic. Neodymium element for higher output. Acoustalloy™ diaphragm material for very smooth response over a wide frequency range. Integral windscreen and blast filter. Black semi-gloss finish

Based on the classic 635A live interview wired microphone, what is the most popular (ENG) electronic news gathering mic in the world. It delivers great sound and is known as “The Buchanan Hammer”—a nod to EV’s ancestral Michigan home—for its rugged durability. Also available in black (model: 635A/B).

€ 205.00