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RODE Stereo VideoMic X

Tips Video
Kārtridžs Kondensatora
Skaņas uztveršana  Hypercardioid
Jutība 1kHz (mV/Pa) 25.00
Frekvenču diapazons (Hz) 40 - 20 000
Svars (g) 300
Pielietojums LIVE, vides un ambiento skaņu ierakstiem

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The Stereo VideoMic X is the ultimate broadcast-grade stereo microphone for on-camera use. Utilising all-metal construction, it is incredibly robust making it ideal for regular professional use, while also providing high levels of resistance to RF interference. The mic features a matched pair of ½” true-condenser capsules, configured in a stacked X-Y configuration, providing a highly-immersive soundscape. Each capsule is supported by the Rycote® Lyre® shock-mounting system, providing isolation from vibration as well as knocks and bumps. Digital switching on the rear of the SVMX allows the user to control the level adjustment (-10dB or +20dB), high-pass filter (0/75/150Hz) and an innovative high-frequency boost (+6dB @ XHz) designed to boost the intelligibility of dialogue. In a first for the VideoMic range, professional-grade balanced outputs are available on the side of the body, in addition to the RF shielded 3.5mm stereo output cable. An outer dome structure provides physical protection for the sensitive capsules, while reducing wind noise in the same manner as RØDE’s RedDot-winning Blimp.

Max SPL 143.00 dB. 

Acoustically matched true condenser capsules. 

Rycote® Lyre onboard shock mounting

Balanced professional XLR output

Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminium construction

High Pass Filter

9V or Phantom Power (P48 - via miniXLR)

Level adjustment

High Frequency Boost

Includes SC2 TRS cable, pop shield and wind shield

€ 799.00

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