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BTR 55 MK2

WHD BTR 55 MK2 sērijā ietilpst 4 produkti:

BTR 55 MK2, white
Bluetooth receiver

BTR 55 MK2, black
Bluetooth receiver

BTR 55 MK 2 naming service, white
Bluetooth receiver, incl. customized BT-name

BTR 55 MK2 Set KEL, white
incl. 1x BTR 55 MK2, 1x KEL 55-4 Music

The BTR 55 MK2 is a Bluetooth receiver with stereo amplifier and 230V AC adapter for all standard central switch plates with 55x55 mm. In the current version of the BTR 55 MK2 the ease of use has been further improved. So you can simply switch the device by pressing a button and make the pairing readiness. Upon successful connection to your mobile device, the blue LED is lit continuously. For background music, the WHD-wall speaker KEL 55 Music can also be installed in the switch outlet. For the full stereo music playback, you can, for example, connect two WHD Ceiling Speaker of the M/R 240 Series.
The maximum volume can be limited. This is especially interesting for the hotel business
You can order the items enabled with a specified name in the mobile device's Bluetooth menu such as "Kitchen", "Bathroom" or hotel room number individually - a clever WHD Namingservice.