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BOSE SoundTouch II remote

This is the same remote control that comes in the box with your SoundTouch® 30, 20 or Portable Series II system. Use it as a replacement should the original become lost or broken. The remote enables the same functionality as the system's button pad (power, volume, set/play presets, auxiliary mode). Additional music features: skip backwards/forwards, play/pause and rate your music (thumbs up or down buttons) as you listen.

Buttons for power, volume, auxiliary input
Six SoundTouch® presets
Skip forwards/backwards; play/pause; rate your music

SoundTouch® 20 Series II Wi-Fi® music system
SoundTouch® 30 Series II Wi-Fi® music system
SoundTouch® Portable Series II Wi-Fi® music system
BOSE SoundTouch 20
BOSE SoundTouch 30
SoundTouch® Portable Wi-Fi® music system

€ 14.95