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EliAcoustic Surf Premiere

EliAcoustic Surf Premiere is a leader in the world of acoustics.
Its special design, its versatility, its high sound absorption ….This panel was born to be a benchmark. Its innovative design (patented by EliAcoustic) allows mounting in line, forming a continuous and uniform wave. Its application is especially useful in hi-end rooms, home-cinemas, listening room, broadcast, and any space that needs excellent acoustics and aesthetics.

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Surface forming continuous and uniform wave
Reduces reverberation
Increases sound absorption in mid-low frequency
More defined sound

Dimensions: 595,0 x 148,7 x 146,2 mm
Foam Type: M1
Installation: EliGlue Forte
Units per box: 8
Finish: Textil
Colors: White, Black, Light Grey, Blue, Brown, Beige, Red Wine, Dark Grey.

Recording and Mastering Studios
Control Room

€ 297.00